6.27.17 9AM

After a day of reflection, I was ready to try yet another experiment. I have seen that, in some cases, bringing another horse into the picture can help a skittish horse to move forward by seeing the other horse as calm and working well with a human. I had already introduced Timber to Cody on the ground in a previous session. This time I decided to ride Cody into the pen with Timber and see if this would help Timber along in recognizing that humans aren’t so bad.

Timber was certainly interested in being with Cody, but would only approach him from the front or behind. He was still avoiding the human.

It is clear to me that I am going to have to do something different to move forward.

By the way, I’ve gotten into a routine of having my morning coffee and reading while sitting by the hay pile while Timber is eating. I actually enjoy that and I think it is adding to Timber’s memory banks events where horse-human interaction is not bad.

Here’s the video of this session.