6.30.17 9AM

(Yesterday we had to make a “big city” trip for supplies, so Timber had the day off.)

In the last session, I lassoed Timber and we made great improvements. The addition of something physical around his neck to help him realize that he didn’t have to run every time he got challenged was a great aid. This is definitely the right track to be on, but I was not looking forward to having to lasso Timber for multiple sessions (as bad as I was at it).

In my research I had seen a video by Sean Davies (coloradoreinsman.com) where he worked in a smaller, rectangular area and used a pole in his first sessions with a wild mustang. I thought the pole was a bit unusual (I may try it some day); however I did think more about reducing the size of the working area in order to give Timber less running room. At this point, I’m convinced it is safe to be with Timber in a smaller area since he has shown absolutely no tendencies to kick, strike or rear. I went back and watched more videos by Sean and one in particular was really a revelation to me on the next step that I could take (https://youtu.be/NL-AodLjgA0).

So, I decreased Timber’s working area by setting up stock panels within the round pen to create a somewhat rectangular area and I used this new (to me) rope technique on Timber. It was a HUGE success! I liked it better than lassoing and I think Timber appreciated it more as well.

This is only a 21 minute session and I left all of it in the video to show the viewer everything I did and how much Timber is progressing.

What amazing progress with a horse who, only 6 days, ago came to my place and who would not voluntarily let any human touch him.

Way to go Timber!!!

Click here to see the video.