Riding Cody

Today I worked with Cody. I started by getting him from the paddock, then I took him over to the trailer and Uncle Tim put on the saddle. Uncle Tim circled him and then tied Cody to the green round pen. Uncle Tim then tried to make progress with Timber but that wasn’t working so he rode Cody around Timber’s pen. Timber and Cody touched noses a few times but that was it, I still found it cool. After Uncle Tim was done working with Timber, I rode Cody and I reviewed a few things from the last lesson. After I was done practicing, I went into the pasture and I had Cody cantered a little bit. When Cody was cantering, I didn’t notice a log on the ground and when he jump over it, I almost fell off. I rode for about 5-10 minutes more but towards the end Cody kept nickering for his buddies. I had a really good time today and I am excited for my next lesson.

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