7.1.17 9AM

In this session, we continue with the “new” roping method. Timber continues to be less worried about the rope and to get more and more used to me touching him in various places. This part just takes time and patience.

I’m going with shorter sessions for a bit to see if there is any change in the rate of improvement. For example, if 2 sessions a day, each lasting one hour, produces the same rate of improvement as 1 session a day lasting 20 minutes, I’d rather go with fewer and shorter sessions. I know this will a bit subjective, but I’m just searching for the best approach for Timber. With another horse, the best session/time approach might be totally different.

That’s one of the beauties of working with horses. There are many things that are universal to all of them. But, each horse is unique and you have to tweak your approach for each one. Come to think of it, you have to do that when raising children, too.

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