7.3.17 10AM

Today I wanted to focus on catching Timber from his left side. He really doesn’t like me on his left eye, which just means that I have to work harder to get him more comfortable with that. So, I knew that catching him from his left side was going to be a challenge. But, it needs to be done if I’m ever going to have a balanced and trusting horse.

I eventually got there; it took me about 13 minutes to catch him. But, once we got that accomplished we made some more good progress working on that left side.

By the way, prior to catching him I was able to apply fly spray on his right side without any rope. He just stood there and let me do it. However, when I tried to get around to his left side he wasn’t having any of that. So, after I caught him I finished up with the fly spray on his left side.

Here’s the video of this session.