7.4.17 10AM

For this session, I thought I would start out by not roping Timber to begin with and try just using the carrot stick with the flag on it. I was able to touch and rub him in multiple places on the right side. However, I couldn’t get to his left side. So, I had to rope him so I could work on his left side. It only took me 11 minutes to get him caught this time (13 minutes last session). 

I did more of the same working with the stick with the flag and the one with the rope. Then I spent time with just my hands. I worked the left side a lot and also spent more time on touching his muzzle. Little by little, we’re getting there. I’m not in a hurry. He has a lot of years of fear of humans to overcome.

I did video this session, but it’s really not much new to the viewer so I didn’t post it.