7.6.17 9AM

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Timber has come up with a new strategy to keep me from getting to his left side. In this session I counter with my own strategy.  You can watch the video to see my counter-strategy.

My goals for this session are:

  1. No more running. I feel safe enough that I can get in front of Timber to keep him from running.
  2. Closer catching with the rope. I want to be in closer to him than before when I toss the rope over his back.
  3. Introduce a few more “games” to get him thinking and learning more
  4. Continue to get Timber more accustomed to being stroked on the muzzle and forehead

I was able to accomplish all 4 goals. I am very pleased with this session.

The video for this session is a bit longer than some of the previous ones (35 minutes). We did a lot of different things and I wanted to show them all.

Here is a link to the video.