Growing Food

One of the things that is important to us is to live more simply. We are learning to desire and buy less “stuff”. We began growing a lot our own food. In 2009, we began our organic vegetable garden, in 2011 we began raising ducks for eggs, and we have enjoyed our harvests of fresh produce and duck eggs.  In addition to the fresh produce when it’s available, Laurie has preserved the harvests by canning, freezing and drying, so we may enjoy our own organic produce throughout the entire year.

Tim helps with the brawny work in the garden, Laurie does the planning and planting. We enjoy the work, as well as the planning involved. In 2011 we built a greenhouse, where we have planted cold-tolerant greens as well as herbs, and both early and late tomatoes. We’ve been able to enjoy fresh salads throughout most of the winter months, and have a protected space to get seedlings ready for each spring planting.

When we moved to Guffey, we left behind our years of hard work  and will have to start over. 

You can read more about the garden, food production, and even some recipes on Laurie’s garden blog, Golden Gaits Garden.