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There are many good articles available on horsemanship. However, many of these articles about horsemanship concepts don’t connect with me. When I prove out a concept by my own experience I like to put it down in words that make sense to me. When I write my own articles it forces me to deeply think thru the issues.  I hope some of these articles will connect with you.

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Posted Articles

Horsemanship - Is It Natural?There is much being made about "natural horsemanship" these days. But, can a relationship with a horse ever really be "natural"?
Good horsemanshipIt takes a long time to understand and practice good horsemanship. Some tips on getting started.
Learning From the "Experts"The volume of advice from various experts can all be very confusing and frustrating. Here are some of my thoughts about learning from the experts.
Regarding Horses and CompetitionWhen people compete there are always far more losers than winners. What do you think about when you hear the word “loser”?
The Human-Horse RelationshipOne of the most contested concepts in the world of horsemanship is how to define the relationship of the human to the horse.
God used a horse to reach me.I got my first horse when I was 47 years old. I had no idea what I was in for.

Coming Articles

Understanding Horse Motivations 

Time Vs. Technique

How Your Horse’s Environment Impacts Your Horse and Training


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