HPIM1439bA Gift From the Creator

When native Americans first saw the horses brought to the New World by the Spaniards, they had no word for them. They called them "big dogs". When they got the chance to experience horses firsthand they were awestruck by their power, capacity to learn, to follow and to be a devoted companion to a human. Native Americans quickly became expert horsemen largely due their philosophies of the spiritual connections of all living creatures. They concluded that the horse must be a special, sacred animal. They didn't worship the horse, but they did respect the horse as a gift from the Creator.

I also respect the horse as a gift from our Creator. Consequently, I desire to treat horses in such a way that enables them to trust and respect me back within the context of their natural ability to do so.


Trail Riding

We LOVE to trail ride!!! We have had the privilege of riding in multiple states and even camping with our horses. I have done some professional horse training (on the side) and have been the professional photographer on several nationally acclaimed trail rides. Now that we're retired, we just get out and relax on the trails with our horses, mostly near our home in the Rocky Mountains. 








If you own and/or work with horses, please recognize that your horse is not an object to be used. It's not all about you, earning ribbons or money or any other self-gratifying activity. Your horse is a gift and you have the responsibility to be a good steward of that amazing gift.