Long Trail Ride

Today Uncle Tim, Auntie Laurie and I went on a long trail ride. We started by loading the horses into the trailer. Cody was the last horse to be loaded in to the trailer. We then drove to a trail in Dick’s peek, we found a parking spot and unloaded the horses. I tacked up Cody and I put a travel bag on his saddle. In the saddle bag I put my lunch, water, and Cody’s lead rope. When we got all the horses saddled up we mounted them and headed toward an aspen forest. It was very beautiful and it was nice day. We rode around for a little and then we came to a little creek, it was cool to cross the water. We rode for about 20 more minutes then Uncle Tim and I traded horses, so now I was riding Strider and Uncle Tim was riding Cody. We rode up and down hills and then we went down one hill that had a thicker forest then the other hills we went down. When we were going down this hill, I scratched my ear on a tree branch and I was fine it just hurt a little bit. We rode around for about a other hour. Before lunch Auntie Laurie and I cantered up small hill and then we found a spot for lunch. We sat down and ate lunch for about 30 minutes. After lunch Uncle Tim rode Strider, Auntie Laurie rode Cody and I rode Brego. We went up and down more hills and ditches and we also went into the forest a few times and it was very scenic and beautiful. It was a different experience to see this area on horse back. It took us about another hour to get back to the trailer. When we got back to the trailer, we untacked the horses and gave them some treats while they ate some grass. We got back to the house around 2:00 or 3:00 pm, we unloaded the horses and let them loose into the pasture. It was a very fun and different experience that I will never forget.

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