My Mustang Adventure


At 63 years old, I decided to adopt and train a wild mustang from the BLM. I picked up my new Mustang on 23Jun2017 from the Canon City facility. Below is a journal of my journey. Many of the posts have links to videos of my training sessions with the Mustang.

If you are interested in more detailed articles about my experiences and thoughts on horsemanship, please click here.

16Jun2017 - T-Minus 8At 63 years old, I decided to take on the challenge of training my first Mustang. Why?
17Jun2017 - T-Minus 7In addition to meeting the BLM requirements for adopting a Mustang, I have been thinking about what else I need to do to get ready for the arrival of my new Mustang.
18Jun2017 - T-Minus 5Some musings about the background of my soon-to-be-adopted Mustang.
23Jun2017The Big Day! My adopted Mustang comes home to Golden Gaits Ranch.
24Jun2017Seeking first contact. I want to be able to touch my new horse. But, he doesn't want me to.
24Jun2017 9AMOur first training session. How is it going to go?
24Jun2017 4PMSecond training session. Can we continue to make progress?
25Jun2017 9AMFirst contact!!! Timber let's me touch him without freaking out.
25Jun2017 10AMTimber meets my Quarter Horse, Cody.
25Jun2017 4PMAre we getting stuck in our progress? Some thoughts on that and what to do about it.
26Jun2017We took today off for a day of reflection and thinking about next steps.
27Jun2017 9AMI tried another experiment in my quest to get Timber more connected with me.
27Jun2017 4PMI have concluded that we might be stuck. I'm going to try a new approach to see if can give Timber a "nudge".
28Jun2017 9AMToday, using my new "nudge" we had some great breakthroughs!
30Jun2017 9AMI discovered a roping "alternative" that I like much better. I'm going to give it a try.
1Jul2017 9AMI continue with the new "roping" method and we continue to make more progress.
2Jul2017 9AMTimber briefly tests my alpha position (that's actually a good thing) and we introduce fly spray.
3Jul2017 10AMToday I worked on catching Timber from the left side. He hates having me on the left side, so that's what we need to work on.
4Jul2017 10AMContinuing to take small steps in getting Timber to trust me.
5Jul2017The power of herd dynamics and today's training.
6Jul2017 9AMToday we worked on "no more running" and introduced some new "games" to get Timber thinking more.
6Jul2017 1PMTimber nickered at me!!!
7Jul2017 10AMHalter Day!!!!
I actually got the halter on Timber in this session on my first try!
8Jul2017I decided to take Timber out into the pasture for some fresh grass. Little did I know that we would have to deal with an unanticipated "obstacle" before we could do that.
14Jul2017 9AMHere is an update on Timber's progress including an expanded walk around the property to see how he reacts to new things.
15Jul2017 10AMIn this session, we move Timber to a larger area and see if I can still catch him. Also, Timber meets an electric fence.
17Jul2017 9AMToday, I introduce Timber to getting tied up. This will enable me to work more on his sensitivity to getting touched.
18Jul2017 9AMMore intense desensitization work using the tie ring. Also, Timber has a "panic event" that he works thru.
1Aug2017 9AMA tie ring goof up and an update on where we're at in the training process.
2Aug2017Today we turned Timber out into the pasture for the first time and he got to personally meet the other horses.
3Aug2017Timber spends time with Brego in the paddock.
4Aug2017Timber takes a flying leap.
6Aug2017In this session we start working on speed control and leading from the side.
18Aug2017In this session we show how Timber is coming along on speed control and leading from the side. We also show how him side passing over a log and doing figure 8's around barrels. Last, but not least, Timber's halter comes off!