My First Time Falling off a Horse

Uncle Tim, Auntie Laurie and I went on a trail ride around the neighborhood. We rode for about an hour and I lead the way. We went up a mountain to my grandparents house. Everyone came out to admire the horses then we went back to Uncle Tim’s house where we prepared the horses for  my family, cousins, aunt and uncle came down to see them.

My cousins were very excited to see the horses and Uncle Tim showed them the same things that he showed me and my siblings when we were first introduced to them.  After he was done with his demonstrating, he allowed my brother, my sister and me to ride Cody bareback. My sister went first, then my brother and then I went last. When I rode bareback I tried to trot and I did for a little bit but then I lost my balance and I fell very gracefully to the ground. It didn’t hurt that bad, my leg felt a little sore but other than that I was completely fine. When I fell off, Cody stopped almost immediately  because it wasn’t his fault that I fell off. I got up and I rubbed him to let him know that it wasn’t his fault. After I was done riding Cody bareback, my cousins rode him with a saddle on. My cousin Violet was so happy, she couldn’t stop smiling. My aunt also rode Cody.  I helped Uncle Tim tack up the other two horses, my siblings and I rode them out in the paddock. It was very fun and it was cool to see my cousins and my aunt ride Cody. All of us had a great time

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