My First Trail Ride

Before Uncle Tim, Auntie Laurie and I  went on the ride, we had to tack up the horses. The horses were in the paddock and Uncle Tim showed me how to put the halter and lead rope on Cody. I had to get Cody from the paddock, before this experience I had never put a halter on a horse or catch a horse myself. It was a very interesting experience and it was very helpful to know how to get a horse from a paddock. After I put the halter and lead rope on Cody I lead him to the trailer where all their tack is located. I brushed Cody  and then I got to tack up Cody by myself for the most part. At first it was a little confusing but after I saw what  Uncle Tim did, it made more sense and it was easy to do.

After all the horses were saddled up, we went to a field next to the property. I was already having so much fun and I really liked how easy it was to control Cody. I could use really light cues and he would respond to them. Uncle Tim worked with Brego  getting him over his separation issues. I stayed with Auntie Laurie and we weaved in-between trees, bushes and walked over some logs on the ground. We then came to a semi flat area and Aunt Laurie and I cantered a little bit.  When we were walking, I would have to trot now and then to keep up. We went all over the places from a hill with a lot of trees on it to some flat fields. We also went up a small  mountain and when we got a little bit pass the half way point, we let the horses eat some grass. After we let them eat, we went back down the mountain and when we got to the dirt road a bag flew across the road. It startled the horse  so we took them one by one to the bag and let them sniff it. After they all sniffed the bag, we rode back to the house.

After we got back, we removed the tack from the horses then we brushed them.  We gave them some treats, then we turned them loose in the paddock then we released them into the pasture. I was a little sore after the ride because I am not used to riding horses but I still found it really fun and exciting.

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