Real Horsemanship – It’s Not What I Thought

Uncle Tim’s place (Golden Gaits Ranch)

When I first arrived at the Golden Gaits Ranch, I noticed that Cody was in the round pen. Cody had no tack on other than a halter and a lead rope and the other two horses were in the paddock.

Me and my family all gathered around the round pen and Uncle Tim showed us some of the stuff he teaches his horses. He first explained how his teaching techniques works, then he rode Cody bareback and explained that if you can trot on a horse bareback then you have good balance.

After he was done showing us some stuff with Cody, I got to ride him bareback. This was my first time riding a horse bareback and it was one of the most amazing experiences. After I was done riding Cody bareback, my sister and my brother both took a turn riding bareback.

When my brother was finished riding Cody bareback, Uncle Tim saddled up all three horses so that me, my sister

and my brother could all ride together. I rode Strider, my sister rode Brego and my brother rode Cody. When we were all on the horses we first went  into the paddock and after a while we went out into the pasture.

We had been riding around for a while so Uncle Tim told us to come back to the fence where he was because we were about half way across the pasture. I got Strider to canter but my sister wasn’t ready and Brego started to canter as well and she almost fell off. My brother tried to canter as well to catch up to us and Auntie Laurie took a picture of all three of us in a line and we decided to call this picture the “Three Amigos.”


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