Riding Brego

I started by getting Brego from the paddock, and then I took him to a open space. I circled him for a little bit and I also played the driving game. I did this for about 10-20 minutes, after I did this I worked with lateral flection. Lateral Flection is where you bend the horses head around to their side. I struggled a little bit in the beginning but then I got the hang of it. After I did this I took him over to the trailer and I tacked him up so that I could ride him. After Uncle Tim got the saddle on, I circled Brago a few times and then I realized  the cinch wasn’t tight enough. Uncle Tim made the proper adjustment, I put on his bridal. I mounted him and  I did the lateral flection on his back. I found this easier to do it on Brego’s back than on the ground. I did this for a few minutes and then I rode him, instead of stoping by pulling back on the reins I had to use the lateral flection to stop him. I did this for about 15-20 minutes, after I did this Uncle Tim took off Brego’s bridal and traded it for his halter. I rode with one rein, it was a little difficult to turn but after a bit I got a little used to it. I rode him with one rein for about 20 minutes, when I dismounted I gave him some treats. Today was really fun, I thought it was a cool to ride with only one rein but a little bit challenging as well.

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