The universe and everything in it was purposely created. We are not accidents, we were created intentionally. Our lives can have meaning and eternality if we will humble ourselves and choose to acknowledge the Creator.

To those who are seeking, the Creator reveals Himself in many ways. The most complete revelation of Himself is found in His son. We know the Creator’s son by his earthly name, Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus came to earth to show us what his Father is really like and to bring us His words. He taught us that anyone can choose to become a child of God and enter into eternal life.

Jesus did not come to earth to found a religion, but to bring us the plain and simple eternal truths of His Father.

All religions, including Christianity, are human institutions. True seekers of the Creator will eventually recognize that they must abandon religion and follow the teachings of the son of God if they want to lay hold of the eternal life that the Father offers.