The Ranch

Golden Gaits Ranch is our little piece of paradise in the Rocky Mountains at 9000′ above sea level. We are located a few miles from the “metropolis” of Guffey, CO.

The word “gaits” is used instead of “gates” as a play on words. Two of our horses are breeds that are classified as “gaited horses” (Tennessee Walker and Missouri Fox trotter). Hence the name Golden Gaits Ranch.

We bought this 40 acres in Oct2014 and moved here full time on 23Apr2015. Tim officially retired 31May2015. We lived in an RV while building our new house. We moved in to the house on 1Mar2016. 

Prior to moving here, we lived near gardenWellington, CO and were able to raise much of our own food and keep ducks for eggs. Laurie kept very busy with the garden from starting seedlings to planting, harvesting and storing lots of organically grown food (canning, freezing, dehydrating, etc.). Now we get to start all over with a new garden, ducks, etc. 

Laurie has a web site focused on gardening, storing food, raising ducks, cooking, etc.
Click here to jump over to her web site, High Country Living.

We love having visitors and sharing “the Ranch” with others. If you have a hankerin’, you’re welcome here!