Timber Comes Home to Golden Gaits Ranch


In Canon City, where we went to select a Mustang, it was over 100 degrees yesterday. Today, it didn’t break 50 degrees and it rained/drizzled the whole time we were looking at and selecting a Mustang. We weren’t prepared for this huge weather change and we got soakin’ wet and frozen to the bone! 

Nevertheless, we managed to pick out a Mustang.

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce: “Timber”

It took the wranglers 3 tries to get him into the trailer. But, once he was in he settled down quickly.

He was very quiet in the trailer on the ride home. He really seemed to not be upset but very interested in this new experience, roaming around the trailer and looking out the windows.

We unloaded him from the trailer into his round pen where he will live and where I will begin his training. 

He lit right into the hay that I put down for him.

Timber is a 5 year old gelding and stands about 14.3 hands tall. He might be a bit taller than that since they last measured him.

The round pen is close to my other horses, so they can start getting used to each others’ presence and so Timber won’t feel like he’s the only horse around. 

Timber came from the Murderer’s Creek Herd Management Area (HMA) in Oregon. Here is a link with details about that HMA.

Once you read the info about that HMA, you will understand where Timber got his name (it’s not because I named him after myself!). 

Of course, he wasn’t interested in letting me touch him. I’m not in a hurry. I want him to adjust to his new life at his own speed. 


Here, Timber has gotten serious about his hay and has a piece clinging to his muzzle. 

I went into his pen two times this afternoon to start introducing myself. 

I applied light, respectful pressure and he moved around the pen away from me. When he looked at me I took the pressure off. After a few times of this, he began moving toward me and he came to within 5 feet of me. I quit the session there, leaving on a good note. 

Tomorrow I intend to do a “Join Up” session with him. Using Join Up principles on a wild, never-before haltered horse will be a challenging experience.

I am absolutely thrilled with Timber. He seems very intelligent and willing to experience new things (cautiously, of course; after all he is wild). 

What a thrill this has been for me!!!

Click here for a 9 minute video of Timber’s introduction to his new home.