Uncle Tim and Auntie Laurie’s New Mustang

Today Uncle Tim and Auntie Laurie brought their wild mustang (Timber) home. Before the mustang had arrived they set up a taller round pen. To get Timber into the round pen they left two opened panels open wide enough to back the trailer into the round pen. Aunt Laurie and Uncle Tim opened one side of the trailer so that neither of them would be in danger. Brago, Cody and Strider were in the paddock nickering and pawing the ground, I think they were just as interested in what was taking place as we were. When they safely unloaded Timber from the trailer, he trotted around the pen taking in his new surrounding. I thought he was a really handsome horse. His stride and stance seemed very proud, his dark bay coloring was a neat contrast to the misty white cloud that surrounded us that afternoon. I couldn’t wait to watch and learn how Uncle Tim would  train him. I was so pleased to be included in the homecoming of Timber.

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