Working on the First Three of the Seven Games

Today I started to work on the seven games with Cody. It was more for me to learn how to use a carrot stick and to learn about the seven games. I got Cody from the paddock and I brought him to the round pen. I first started with the friendly game, the friendly game is where you use a carrot stick and you gently rub it all over your hose, after you are able to rub the stick all  over you start to flip the string over their body. This is to help  the trainer see where the horse’s sensitive spots are and to help the horse get use to being touch all over their body. I did this for a little bit and Cody already knew how to do all of this but I learned how to control the carrot stick a little better and how to play the friendly game. After I was done doing this I then worked on the next game, the next game is called the Porcupine game. In this game you have to teach the horse to disengage different parts of the body, for example their hindquarters. To do this you use the carrot stick and depending what part you are working on you have to add pressure to one part of the horse that you want them to move. While you are adding pressure you look at the part of their body that you want them to move and you glare at it. Horses like to be comfortable so the will move away from discomfort. I found this game easy but that was because the horse that I was working with already knew how to do it. Now and then though Cody would make small circles when I would try and make him turn just his hindquarters. Other than that it was easy to do. The last game that I played today was called the Driving game, the driving game is an extension of the Porcupine game. The difference is that instead of moving them by touching them the goal is to move them just by looking at the spot you want to move. I personally struggled with this one, I couldn’t get the Cody to disengage his hindquarters or move his front end. I did end up finally doing it but not with the carrot stick, I did it with just my hand. After I practiced this for a while we were done for the day so I released him into the pasture. Today was really fun even though I didn’t ride Cody I had a lot of fun doing the ground work.

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