Working with Brego

Today I did the seven games again but this time I did it with Brego. This was to help me practice with working with carrot stick, the seven game and to show me how all horses react differently to the same thing. I got Brego from the pasture and then I lead him to the round pen. He was really good about me putting the halter on him, I didn’t need to ask him to lower his head, he just did it. When I got into the round pen, I started with the friendly game and I struggled a little with flipping the rope around his feet but I was able to do it when I back a little bit away from him, I was just to close to him to be able to flip the rope around his feet.  I did this for a little bit and then I went to the next game, the Porcupine game. With him I struggled with this game, he wouldn’t move and I did eventually get it after a little bit, after I got it a few times I went to the next game, the Driving game. I also struggled with this game, I struggled more on moving his front end then I did when I asked him to back up or disengage his hindquarters. I tried to use the carrot stick but he wasn’t responding to that as well so I switched to using my hand and he responded better to my hand than the carrot stick. After I figured this out and I did this game for a little bit I moved to the next game, the Yo-Yo game. The Yo-Yo game is where you ask your horse to back up on your command, stop on command and move toward you on your command. I found this game easy, it wasn’t hard for me to get and I found it cool how Brego would come into me and away from me on my command. I did this for about 10 minutes then I moved on to the next game, the circling game. The cycling game is where you ask your horse to go in a direction at the gait you choose. The goal of this game is for the horse not to change gait without you asking or to change direction without you asking them. This game was also easy for me to do and I have already had to use it, when I saddle up a horse I play the circling game to make sure that the saddle won’t fall off. I found a very useful skill for both horse and rider. After about 10-15 minutes I then moved to the next game which is called the Sideways game. The sideways game is where you make the horse move sideways, this makes both their front feet and their back feet cris-cross. How you do this is by leading your horse up to a fence so that they cant move forwards, you then ask them to move their front end and their back end by playing the driving game but do it faster until you make a windshield wiper motion. This game was not to hard, I struggled with moving the carrot stick fast enough to make Brego move sideways, that was my only problem with this game. The last game that I played was called the Squeeze game.Horses are born claustrophobic so the squeeze game helps them not be claustrophobic and that helps to load a horse into a tailer. How you play this is you position yourself close to a fence but still enough room for the horse to more easily in-between the space, then you ask your horse to go in-between you and the fence. I struggled a little bit with this game, after Brego would go in-between the fence and me, I couldn’t stop him in time so he would make a almost complete circle, other than that it wasn’t hard to do. Today was really fun and again I found doing the ground work just as much fun as riding. I originally thought that it would only be fun to ride the horses but I discovered that it was just as much fun to do the ground work and to take of them.

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