Working with Strider

Today I worked with Strider on the seven games. I started off by getting Strider from the paddock, I had to ask him to lower his head a lot more than I had to do with the other two horses because he is taller than both of them (he is 16 hands tall) and he is also much taller than me. After I got his halter and lead rope on I lead him to the round pen then I started with the friendly game. It was easy for me to do and I was able to manipulate the carrot stick easier than the last time I worked with it. I played the friendly game for about 5 minutes, then I wen on to the next two games. Both of the games were easy to do and I didn’t struggle as much as I did with Brego. I played these games for about 10 minutes, after that I played the Yo-Yo game. He was also good at learning my cues, I didn’t struggle with this game, so I moved on to the next game. He is a very energetic horse so he like it when we played the circling game. I also didn’t struggle with this but I did find it harder to make he stop and face me. I did eventually got it and I played this game for about 10-15 minutes, after that I moved on the the Sideways game. Since I had already played this game with Brego I was able to do it more easily. The last game that I played with him was the squeeze game. I struggled with getting him to trot between the fence and me he would only walk, so Uncle Tim gave me an example on how to make him go faster. While he was trying to show me,  Strider didn’t want to go through but wanted to turn and run so Uncle Tim made Strider run. I found this very interesting after Strider was done running he calmed down and was then able to play the squeeze game with ease. This lesson took longer than expected so after we were done with the squeeze game we turn them loose into the pasture. Today I had learned that each horse responds differently to the same cues and I had really fun today. I am very grateful to Uncle Tim for showing me natural horsemanship. I found it very interesting and I am very fortunate to have such a great teacher.

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